Council of Europe handbook on human rights recognises EUROCITIES work on migration


© Council of Europe

On 27 March 2018, the Council of Europe passed a resolution encouraging local and regional authorities to embed human rights in their policies and practices. 

The resolution proposed the adoption of a handbook on human rights setting out examples of good practices in many European cities. The first volume of the handbook focuses on refugees, asylum seekers and migrants; Roma and Travellers; and LGBTI people.

EUROCITIES is heavily mentioned among the 65 good practices over 25 countries in the handbook, especially our work on migration and integration with specific examples of the Solidarity Cities initiative, the CITIES GROW project, and good practices from Gdansk and Dresden. 

We are pleased that our work on migration and integration has received such a warm recognition by the Council of Europe and we will continue our collaboration to capitalise on our good practices in the area of refugees' and asylum-seekers' integration and Roma inclusion!

You can find the handbook on human rights here: