Cities4Europe – Europe for citizens: call for citizens to have their say

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This campaign, launched last month, wants people to help change the way politics is done in Europe by coming up with ideas for a better future and completing this sentence: 'My Europe in 2030 will be .....'

'Cities4Europe – Europe for citizens' aims to involve citizens in a dialogue about our future, inspire all levels of government to build societies where people come first and impact the way decisions are taken in Europe.

We are putting out a call to citizens through social media and Cities4Europe events organised in cities across Europe throughout the year. The goal is to encourage them to think of ways to create a fairer and more sustainable future – and to make sure their voice is heard.

Ideas can be submitted on the campaign website or on postcards available at the campaign's events. We will then present these ideas to local, national and European leaders at our annual conference on 28-30 November 2018 in Edinburgh.

EUROCITIES staff contact

Federico Guerrieri