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On 25-27 September, the city of Stavanger in Norway will host Nordic Edge Expo 2018. The theme will be ‘smart with a heart’ – remembering that smart cities are about citizens first.

Nordic Edge Expo has established itself as the most significant smart city event in the Nordics, where creators can share ideas and inspiration. 

During this year's Nordic Edge Expo and conference, there will be a day full of special Horizon 2020 SCC1 events on 27 September. Mark it in your calendars as an opportunity to meet, discuss and work together with all the Lighthouse- and Follower Cities from across Europe. The Horizon 2020 SCC1 projects will be represented at a joint booth together with SCIS during all three days. 
Triangulum’s Lighthouse City Stavanger, in collaboration with Nordic Edge, will be hosting sessions for Lighthouse- and Follower Cities, both open and closed to the public. There will be dedicated sessions for project coordinators, city coordinators, communication coordinators, city communication coordinators, the business models and finance task group (BM&F) as well as the big data group.

The conference has now been running for three years, and the 2017 event attracted over 4500 visitors, as well as over 300 speakers and exhibitors, and this year organisers are expecting even more professionals and experts to arrive. Nordic Edge is thus an excellent opportunity to share insights, learn from each other and share best practices with the public.


EUROCITIES, co-organiser of the event, is hosting two special sessions during Nordic Edge:

  • On 24 September, EUROCITIES will host a ‘Mayors Debate’ on citizen engagement and smart cities (open to mayors and politicians, by invitation only), moderated by EUROCITIES secretary general, Anna Lisa Boni.
  • On 25 September, as a side session to the ‘Meet the new lighthouse cities’ event, EUROCITIES is organising a replication workshop, moderated by Sharing Cities communication & replication lead Bernadett Köteles-Degrendele, which will be open to all city experts.

If your city is interested to participate in this debate on 24 September, please register here:

Registration for the other days is possible here: ! EUROCITIES members also receive a 50% discount on the Nordic Edge Expo conference entry. Get in touch with us today!

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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EUROCITIES staff contact

Bernadett Koteles-DegrendeleProject coordinator

EUROCITIES staff contact

Bernadett Koteles-Degrendele