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It is time to change the way politics is done in Europe, and cities can play a key role in building a more citizens-focused society.

'Cities4Europe – Europe for citizens' aims to:

  • involve citizens in a dialogue about the future
  • inspire all levels of government to build societies where people come first
  • impact the way decisions are taken in Europe

So far, an impressive 73 cities have officially joined the ‘Cities4Europe – Europe for citizens’ campaign. With 17 days to go until the official launch of the ‘Cities4Europe – Europe for citizens’ campaign, now is the time to get involved, to (be) inspire(d) and to get ready to make an impact! 

With the official campaign video released on 12 April, EUROCITIES and the campaign’s partners are now getting ready for the campaign launch. 

The campaign will come alive on 7 May with a simultaneous online kick-off involving all participating cities in a social media flash mob. 

On the same day, EUROCITIES will organise the campaign’s European launch in Brussels. A public debate will take place in Brussels at the BOZAR, a renowned cultural venue. The Mayor of Ghent and EUROCITIES president, Daniël Termont, will welcome European, national and local political leaders, as well as cultural personalities, including Ada Colau, Gilles Pargneaux, Ingrid Pecquet, Saskia Sassen, Philippe Van Leeuw, Philippe Van Parijs and Karmenu Vella. 

The public event will conclude with a cocktail reception co-organised with the BOZAR, which will feature the vernissage of a painting by Bonom – known as the Belgian Banksy – a performance by artist Nayra Martin Reyes (EUtopia) and DJ-set organised by Recyclart. 

Following the BOZAR debate, a political summit will be hosted at the Brussels city hall by the mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close. Political representatives of all cities participating in the campaign will have the opportunity to discuss the role of cities in building more a citizen-focused society with Karl-Heinz Lambertz (President of the European Committee of the Regions) and Luc van den Brande (special advisor to EC President Juncker). 

'Cities4Europe – Europe for citizens' will then continue with a series of local events throughout May showcasing successful local initiatives that engage citizens, present ideas for new forms of democracy and map out a positive, common future.  

Throughout the campaign EUROCITIES will collect citizens' ideas for building a fairer and more sustainable society. You can share your ideas on the future of Europe by completing the sentence 'My Europe in 2030 will...' on this online postcard

Stay tuned!

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