€9 million in prizes for urban innovation

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EUROCITIES is partnering the Mayors Challenge; secretary general Paul Bevan explains why cities can't afford to miss out

I’m delighted that EUROCITIES has been chosen to partner with Bloomberg Philanthropies in a stunning new award scheme for European cities. The ‘Mayors Challenge’ will help bring to fruition bold new ideas to improve city life. We are inviting city mayors to share their creative solutions to enduring urban problems. The winners will be supported in making those ideas happen, delivering tangible benefits to their cities and their citizens.  

The prize money, offered by New York mayor Bloomberg’s charity, is significant. A €5 million first prize and four awards of €1m each will help winning cities to develop and implement the best innovations. In addition, peer support to refine and improve the most promising solutions will come through a two day ‘ideas camp’ involving the 20 shortlisted cities. 

The winning idea in the Mayors Challenge will be an innovation that can be replicated across other European cities. After all, in EUROCITIES, thanks to our forums, working groups and EU projects, we know how much we can learn from and be inspired by exchanging experience internationally. Much innovation comes from sharing and borrowing ideas, adapting them to our own situations, often playing leapfrog by improving them on the way. The Mayors Challenge supports this core business of EUROCITIES with recognition and resources.

International awards can be a powerful boost to city ambitions. Winning the accolade of European Capital of Culture or Green Capital enhances visibility and reputation, with political dividends at the European level as well as at home.  

So I encourage you to join the Bloomberg-EUROCITIES Mayors Challenge. To do so you should register by 11 November. The deadline for submissions is 31 January 2014.  Visit mayorschallenge.bloomberg.org for more information. EUROCITIES members can contact David Preuss for further details.