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WG Smart Social Inclusion in Brno

The next meeting of the WG Smart Social Inclusion will take place in Brno from Thursday 1st to Friday 2nd June.


start date: 01-06-2017
end date: 02-06-2017

WG Urban Ageing - Innovation in Care conference

On Thursday 18 May the conference "Innovation in Care:How to improve quality of life and services for an ageing population?” will take place in Brussels. The WG Urban Ageing will meet the following day, on 19 May.


start date: 18-05-2017
end date: 19-05-2017

EUROCITIES members address top priorities for migration & integration in cities

37 EUROCITIES members from 25 cities met in Lisbon on 5 & 6 April 2017, following the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum. They were joined by guests from the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) and from DG REGIO of the European Commission.


publication date: 14-04-2017

Cities meet in Lisbon to discuss local strategies for Roma participation

On 5-6 April, the working group Roma inclusion met in Lisbon. The meeting brought together representatives from 15 cities and several European Commission representatives (DG EMPL, DG REGIO and the FRA) to discuss local approaches to encourage Roma participation. Moreover, for the first time Roma people were also present at the meeting and took part in the discussions, and shared their experiences and views.


publication date: 13-04-2017

Cities and the future of EU Integration Funding

EUROCITIES was involved in a series of events on 28, 29 and 30 March 2017, which focused on the use of EU funds to foster the reception and integration of third country nationals, asylum seekers and refugees.


publication date: 10-04-2017

Cities reaffirm their commitment to fight against poverty and rising inequalities

On 3-4 of April 2017, the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum held a meeting in the city of Lisbon. A record number of 140 representatives from over 40 cities gathered to discuss effective ways to prevent and respond to deep-seated poverty and rising inequalities in cities.


publication date: 10-04-2017

Ensuring health care for undocumented migrants

"Our vision for integration is one where all city residents can develop their full potential and live a safe and dignified life" writes Anna Lisa Boni, Secretary General, Eurocities.


publication date: 07-04-2017

Euronews: How the city of Ghent copes with increased numbers of refugees?

In the first in a series of articles from EUROCITIES member cities on migration, Daniël Termont, mayor of Ghent and president of EUROCITIES, explains what Ghent has done to help integrate asylum seekers.


publication date: 30-03-2017

Social affairs forum: focus on urban poverty and inequalities

Our social affairs forum (SAF) will meet in Lisbon on 3-4 April to discuss how to combat deep-seated poverty and to reduce inequalities at city level.


publication date: 27-03-2017

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EUROCITIES letter to EU leaders on populism and Euroscepticism

Ahead of the summit of heads of state and government in Rome, EUROCITIES has shared the view from cities with European leaders.


publication date: 23-03-2017